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North of Green Bay on Interstate 41/141, take the County B exit 176 (Sunset Beach Rd) at Suamico. Turn east on Sunset Beach Rd toward the Bay.  At the first Stop sign turn left onto Hwy J heading north toward Resort Road. Turn east (right) onto Resort Road, traveling almost to the end and turn north (left) onto Channel Road. Windjammers Sailing Club is on the right side at the end of Channel Road.

Directions by Sea

Approximate position to harbor entrance is N44 39.116   W88 00.231.  This is a shallow water harbor which is entered by following the well marked channel markers (4 feet deep).  Windjammers is located on the west shore of Green Bay, north of the Suamico River and within the lee of Little Tail Point.  To approach, give Little Tail Point a wide birth as the shallows encircles the tip of the peninsula.

Note: if there is a strong sustained south wind, be aware that there is a sand bar that may have reduced draft on the approach to the east end of the channel, which may be less than 3 feet!