Membership Information and Membership Rules

**You must turn in proof of liability insurance with Dry Sail and Dock Fees – no exceptions**

INITIATION FEE – Each newly elected member must pay a non-refundable initiation fee before membership is completed.  See new member application for details.

LATE FEE – Late fees are charged on all fees that are overdue for 30 days or more. Late fees are compounded monthly.

POINTS SYSTEM – Each member must obtain 125 points during each Fiscal year to maintain status as a member in good standing. Points for new members are prorated. The member must document all points within 60 days of being earned. The points list is officially posted on the Website. Work performed for the good of the club earns 10 points per hour of work. Points are earned as follows:

Attend monthly meeting – 5 points
Bartender license – 25 points for each year member has current license
Committee chair or officer – 10 points for each Meeting
Work hours – 10 points for each hour worked

Failing to earn 125 points from January 1st through December 31st will change membership status to inactive, meaning members can still use club facilities but would lose seniority when applying for dock and drysail space. Inactive members may become active members by purchasing points at $5/point to fulfill 125-point requirement from previous year. This surcharge will be paid with dock, drysail or trailer storage application and due at the March membership meeting. Inactive members not applying for dock, drysail or trailer storage are not required to pay this surcharge for dock, drysail or trailer storage.


Annual Membership dues – March membership meeting
Dock Application form – March membership meeting
Dock fees – March membership meeting
Dry Sail Application form – March membership meeting
Dry Sail Fees – March membership meeting
Fiscal year – January 1 through December 31
Late Fees – $5.00 for each month in which fees are overdue
Non-payment termination – 90 days from March Membership Meeting
Officer Year – September 1 through August 31
Summer Storage Starts – Memorial Day Weekend
Summer Storage Ends – Week of Boats Out
Winter Storage Begins – Week of Boats Out
Winter Storage Ends – Memorial Day Weekend
Winter Storage Fees – First Wednesday of September